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Clergy and Police Alliance (CAPA) Training Application

  1. Is the Church in the City limits of Mount Pleasant?*
    This information helps us identify where your church is located.
  2. Only Ministers or Priests are being invited to attend the CAPA program. If there are multiple clergy at your church you will need to fill out a form for each person.
  3. Please list an email for correspondence.
  4. Due to State and Federal requirements related to facility access and law enforcement activities, all CAPA applicants are required to have a simple background check completed. This background check will require additional information from you. A warrant and criminal history check will be conducted. A felony arrest conviction will preclude an applicant from being able to participate in the CAPA program.
  5. Please provide some background information about yourself.
  6. Are you willing to participate in sensitive situations, crisis environments and emergency situations and not disclose the information to others?*
    Disclosing case information can jeopardize prosecution or embarrass a victim.
  7. By submitting the form you agree to the following:
    I, the undersigned, as an applicant to the Clergy and Police Alliance (CAPA) Academy, I agree to allow the police department to run a minimal background check on me. If selected, I agree to attend all training sessions and understand that attendance and graduation from the CAPA training does not qualify me to be or act as a peace officer in the State of Texas. The police department has the right to reject my application for any reason.
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