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Citizen's Police Academy Application Form

  1. The next Citizen's Police Academy will be annonunced.

    By completing the following information below, I understand that I am making an application to attend the Citizen's Police Academy sponsored by the Mount Pleasant Police Department. As an applicant to attend the academy. I understand the police department may conduct a minimal background check for criminal history. The information provided will be kept strictly confidential and will be destroyed at the end of the academy or as soon as possible if I am denied attendance.

  2. Mount Pleasant City Resident

  3. Employeed in Mount Pleasant?

  4. Attended a previous citizen academy?

  5. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

  6. By submitting the form and printing your name you agree to the following:

    I, the undersigned, as an applicant to the Citizen's Police Academy, agree to allow the police department to run a minimal background check on me. If selected, I also agree to attend as many of the class sessions as possible and understand that attendance and graduation from the academy does not qualify me to be or act as a peace officer in the State of Texas. The police department has the right to accept or reject my application for any reason.

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