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Alarm System Permit Application - City of Mount Pleasant

  1. Location of Alarm Site
    Only one permit application is allowed per alarm site.
  2. Residental or Commerical Location*
    Check only one.
  3. Numbers Only
  4. List the street name of the alarm site.
  5. Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455
  6. Alarm Type?*
    Please check all boxes that apply to your alarm.
  7. Name of Person Applying for the Permit and Responsible for Ordinance Adherence.
  8. This information may be different from the location of the alarm site.
  9. Contact Person(s)
    Please list persons to be contacted in case of alarm. Give name, address and best telephone number. Two contacts are mandatory. A third contact is optional if the other contacts cannot be contacted.
  10. Contact #1
  11. Contact #2
  12. Contact #3 - Optional
  13. Texas License Number
  14. Alarm System Type*
    Check the box that applies.
  15. If monitored, is the alarm monitored by an Alarm Company?
  16. Give the business name or person name, address, telephone number, and state license number if known.
  17. Check the boxes that apply.
  18. Please provide a list of the number and type of animals inside the location.
  19. The information contained in this application is true and correct as of the date of this application. I will inform the Police Department promptly of any changes. I shall comply with all provisions of the Alarms Chapter of the Code of the City of Mount Pleasant and all applicable laws of the State of Texas. I accept responsibility for all fines and fees that may result from the operation of the alarm system for the premises named in this application, and shall pay all costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees incurred or paid by the City of Mount Pleasant for the collection of such fines or fees.
  20. By printing your name you affirm the information above is true and correct.
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