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Mount Pleasant Animal Services Lost Pet Form

  1. Lost pet postings are only for residents of Mount Pleasant, Titus County and the City of Pittsburg.
  2. Species:*
  3. Sex:*
  4. Does the Animal have a Chip*
  5. Street name and City (or) if you live in Titus County please provide the county road street name.
  6. Photo?
    If you have a photo of a lost pet you can email it to us and we will keep an eye out for the animal in our shelter. Please email the photo to
  7. Use Facebook to help in your search.
    You can also add information to our Facebook Lost Pet Page. Go to and add the information and a photo so the community can help with your search.
  8. ****NOTE:
    Remember to check our website daily to look at all animals in our shelter. If you find your pet please notify us so we can remove the pet from our list.
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