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Posted on: January 29, 2021

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If you’ve read The Guest List by Lucy Foley, please let me know if you enjoyed it. It received rave reviews, but I’m having a hard time getting into it. The problem is that I’ve read a long string of really great books, books that told a good story and told it beautifully and now I’m spoiled. I’m not giving up on this one, though, and hope that next week I can tell you how great it was.

Jennifer Ryan’s The Kitchen Front is among the books on the February Library Reads list. “WWII era, Great Britain, four women vie for the chance to co-present a BBC radio program helping housewives create tasty meals with their war rations. As these women compete against themselves and each other, the contest threatens to tear the community apart unless they can find common ground and work together for a common good. This is for readers who enjoyed The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion and The Ship of Brides.” (2-23) Jennifer Winberry

Much Ado About You is by Samantha Young. “Feeling overlooked in her career and her personal life, Shakespeare-loving Evie Starling takes a leap of faith and goes to Northern England to run the Much Ado About Books bookshop. There she meets a very sexy farmer who makes her want to break her one and only rule for her trip: no men. This is for readers who loved The Tourist Attraction and Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune.” (2-2) Laura Collins

Susan Mallery’s latest is The Vineyard at Painted Moon. “Mackenzie is abruptly divorced and loses her job as winemaker at a prestigious family winery. She hasn’t had to be on her own in years. Now she has all kinds of decisions to make. This is great relationship fiction with the bonus of learning the inner workings of the wine industry and is for fans of Kristin Hannah.” (2-9) Gail Christensen

The Witch’s Heart by Genvieve Gornichec “weaves the rich story of the witch who taught the magic of prophecy to Odin and Freya, married Loki he trickster, and raised the ‘monsters’ who would help bring down Asgard’s mightiest rulers. This is for fans of Circe and The Mists of Avalon.” (2-9) Stacy Lienemann

Three Hall of Fame authors made this list, including Alisha Rai with First Comes Like, number three in the Modern Love series. “Dev, actor and grandson of a Bollywood star, is making the move to U.S. cinema. He meets You Tube influencer Jai at a party and can’t get the encounter out of his mind. Wonderfully developed characters populate this sweet own-voices novel about falling in like, and then love.” (2-16) Heather Cover

I looked up author Susan Meissner and realized she has written many historical novels, including The Last Year of the War and Secrets of a Charmed Life.  The Nature of Fragile Things is her latest. “Just before the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Sophie, a poor Irish immigrant, answers an ad from a man looking for a wife and mother to his child. Sophie is complex, strong and a bit mysterious and details of the earthquake and subsequent fires add to the story’s depth.” (2-2) Ellen Firer

Jane Harper is back with The Survivors. She is a very popular author whose books include Force of Nature and The Dry. “Harper’s latest gripping murder mystery is set in a seaside town on the coast of Tasmania, where suspicions surrounding three deaths following a shipwreck resurface when a young woman is murdered years later.” (2-2) Paul Lane

We’re grateful for you and are praying for better days ahead. Visit us in the library or at curbside. Happy reading!

Helen Thompson, Director - Mount Pleasant Library

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Statue of Children Reading outside Mount Pleasant Library

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Statue of Children Reading outside Mount Pleasant Library

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Statue of Children Reading outside Mount Pleasant Library

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Statue of Children Reading outside Mount Pleasant Library

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