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We need volunteers who are dedicated and willing to invest time to assist with shelter needs.  All volunteers are screened and must agree to abide by our policies in order to be accepted as a volunteer.  We consider volunteering an important function and believe it is very rewarding.


  • By choosing to become a volunteer you’re helping to create an environment of respect, responsibility and compassion towards animals
  • Being a volunteer is extremely rewarding, educational, exciting and fun
  • It’s so rewarding to see how the animals respond immediately to the love they receive while they are at the Animal Shelter
  • In some cases this is the first time someone has really cared for them
  • Your work will contribute to animal adoptions

Shelter needs you might be able to help with:

  • Greet Shelter guests 
  • Answering questions 
  • Feeding the animals 
  • Animal clean up 
  • Provide loving care
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Fill out a Volunteer Application.  Your application will be submitted to Animal Services and we will contact you soon.