Community Policing

Brief Overview of Community Policing

Community Policing is a philosophy adopted by the Mount Pleasant Police Department to enhance the quality of life of our citizens and the effectiveness of police practices. The Mount Pleasant Police Department strives to reduce crime, the fear of crime, and community problems with the help of community partnerships. 

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Recognizing that police rarely solve public safety problems alone, Community Policing encourages interactive partnerships with relevant stakeholders. The range of potential partners is large. Partnerships can be used to accomplish two interrelated goals by developing solutions to problems through collaborative problem solving and improving the public's trust of the police.

Community Policing is the continuous practice of problem solving and a proactive form of policing to augment the traditional reactive police practice. It is not soft on crime as believed by some, but actually tougher because police build on already existing methods.

Problem Solving: The process of engaging in the proactive and systematic examination of identified problems to develop and rigorously evaluate effective responses.

  • Scanning: Identifying and prioritizing problems 
  • Analysis: Researching what is known about the problem 
  • Response: Developing solutions to bring about lasting reductions in the number and extent of problems 
  • Assessment: Evaluating the success of the responses  
  • Using the crime triangle (victim/offender/location) to focus on immediate conditions 

Crime prevention plays an active role in Community Policing. The Mount Pleasant Police Department actively seeks and helps maintain crime watch programs.

 For more information about Community Policing call: 903-575-4004.