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Contact Information
Division Position Name Phone
Administration Chief of Police Wayne Isbell  903-575-4115
Administration Assistant Chief Kyle Holcomb 903-575-4125
Administration Administrative Assistant Hollie Motley 903-575-4109
Administration Records and Crime Analyst April Nipp 903-575-4113
Patrol Operations Lieutenant John Beasley 903-575-4124
Patrol Day Shift (Sun-Wed) Sergeant Bryan Denny 903-575-4004 ext. 2117
Patrol Day Shift (Wed-Sat) Sergeant Ashton Lewis 903-575-4004 ext. 2123
Patrol Night Shift (Sun-Wed) Sergeant Chris Bruton 903-575-4004 ext. 2118
Patrol Night Shift (Wed-Sat) Sergeant Jarrett Mitchell 903-575-4004 ext. 2115
Criminal Investigations Lieutenant Mark Miller 903-575-4191
Criminal Investigations and Personnel Sergeant Travis Nichols 903-575-4192
Criminal Investigations  Detective Chris Durant 903-575-4185
Criminal Investigations  Detective Melissa Gonzalez 903-575-4189
Criminal Investigations  Detective Natalio Palma 903-575-4188
Criminal Investigations  Detective Marquin Brewer 903-575-4193
Victim Services Coordinator Melissa Horton 903-575-4186
Evidence Manager Manager  Teresa Wooten 903-575-4126
Support Services (Communications and Animal Services) Lieutenant Corey Gable 903-575-4004 ext. 2107