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Open Records Request - Mount Pleasant Police Department Reports

  1. 501 N. Madison Ave. Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455

  2. Where do you want the records mailed to?

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    By checking a box above you certify that you want a copy of the requested information and that you understand that you must pay $0.10 per standard size paper copy paper. Additional charges may apply to more than 50 pages, photos or CD's. I understand that I will have to contact the Mount Pleasant Police Department Records Unit and make payment before the items will be mailed.

  4. In making this request I understand that the Mount Pleasant Police Department is under no obligation to create a document to satisfy my request or to comply with a standard request for information. I further understand that the information will be released only in accordance with the Public Information Act, which may require a determination as to confidentiality by the Texas Attorney General prior to release. I further understand that the Mount Pleasant Police Department has 10 business days in which to request such a determination.

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