Mission Statement

The mission of the Mount Pleasant Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Mount Pleasant by working cooperatively with the public and to serve our citizens within the framework of the United States Constitution to enforce the laws, provide a safe environment, and reduce the fear of crime.

We seek to earn and maintain public confidence by holding ourselves responsible to those we serve, with respect, fairness, sensitivity, openness, and compassion, by listening to and staying in touch with our citizens, and being responsive to their needs.

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Achieve a safer community by providing excellent service and involving our community as partners.

Organizational Values


Through our organizational values, we believe:

  • In the highest professional standards of law enforcement conduct, ethics, honesty and integrity
  • Our personnel are our most important resource, and actively seek their input and involvement in matters which impact job performance, and managing the department in a manner which will enhance employee job satisfaction and effectiveness
  • In being sensitive to neighborhood needs by working with neighbors in the prevention of crime, by problem solving and by developing and maintaining a partnership with the community
  • In continuous evaluation, planning, training, and innovation to sustain professional growth, development, and effective leadership in the law enforcement community
  • In the protection of life and property, and the constitutional rights of all those within our jurisdiction
  • In teamwork within our department, our community, and all other law enforcement agencies
  • In the unbiased enforcement of laws and ordinances