Main Street

Main Street Mount Pleasant

Each year, the THC selects up to five Texas cities and urban areas as official Texas MainStreet cities. Selected communities are eligible to receive a range of services, including architectural and design assistance. The City of Mount Pleasant was selected by the Texas Historical Commission to become an official Texas Main Street City in 1993 and has been a Nationally Recognized program since 2010.

Main Street America

The Mount Pleasant Main Street District is a 42- block area located in the central business district of downtown Mount Pleasant.

A nine-member advisory committee leads the activities of the Mount Pleasant Main Street Program and meets at 8:15 a.m. on the first Thursday of each month. For current members see boards and commissions.

The Main Street Four Point Approach

The Main Street Program offers a four-point approach to downtown revitalization that has been successful in more than 1,000 towns and cities throughout America.


This involves organizing the community into a strong team that works together toward the common goal of improving the downtown area.


Creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere is a key ingredient to any successful Main Street Program. Some activities in this area include:

  • Improving the appearance and function of downtown through appropriate development
  • Emphasizing the unique characteristics of the downtown area
  • Maintaining, renovating and reusing downtown buildings in an appropriate manner
  • Using high-quality design in the construction of new structures
  • Adopting appropriate development standards


Promoting and selling the image of downtown to all potential visitors, shoppers, business prospects, investors, and community members is the major focus of this component. This is accomplished through effective marketing and advertising, as well as hosting special events and retail promotional activities, to create new reasons for residents as well as tourists to visit downtown.

Economic Restructuring

This part of the approach involves striving to maintain full occupancy of downtown by:

  • Filling unused space with productive business enterprises
  • Helping existing businesses to upgrade and expand
  • Recruiting new businesses to fill gaps in the local market